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General overview of house market in Myanmar

In your search for houses in Myanmar, you can find Single-Family house, Multi-family house, Townhouse, Farm/Ranch and Special Property. The buying price of houses ranges from 95 Lakh to 35,000.00 Lakh. The monthly renting fees vary from 14Lakh to 110Lakh. The locations of the properties differ. While finding a house nationwide, you can find a house in Ayeyarwady division, Eastern Bago State, Western Bago State, Mandalay division, If you are looking for a house in Yangon, you may look at districts such as Bahan, Dagon, Hlaing, Kamaryut, Mayangone, South Okkalapa, Tamwe, Thaketa, Thingangyun and Yankin. In Mandalay, you can find the house. Also please note that it is always useful to inquire about the number of total rooms, bedrooms, master bedrooms, deluxe bedrooms, bath rooms and toilets, of the house that you are interested in. In addition, please take note that it might be important to request the info of whether the property is available to move in because sellers may list the properties which might not be available immediately.

Photos of houses

While browsing online in search of the houses, one of the ways to get an initial feeling online for a house that you want to buy is to look at various photos that have been uploaded on real estate websites More often than not, you can find the picture of the living room, stairs, veranda, hallway, courtyard, bedroom, bathroom, the decorations, the ceilings, the face of the building or apartment and the back. They will help you make a better decision of whether to proceed with buying or renting a house.